DELO is the deflationary Binance Smart Chain token underpinning the Decentra-lotto platform.


1% of every transaction is burned permanently. This is a "black hole" burn where tokens are permanently removed from existence, creating a steady deflationary ecosystem; increasing rarity and positively affecting price action.
2% of every transaction goes towards towards the Decentra-lotto jackpot ensuring the jackpot always stays healthy and enticing, encouraging ticket sales.
1% of every transaction is reflected back to DELO holders as rewards for holding. This is a frictionless yield mechanic and works to incentivise holding the token by providing passive earning potential.
4% of each transaction goes towards marketing funds & buybacks. This means that we will not be allocating any initial supply to marketing and we will be removing the marketing fee from ticket sales. As a result of this change, the team will never need to sell DELO to fund marketing and we won't be painting any red on the chart as a result.