How to Buy a Ticket

You can enter the lottery by purchasing tickets in the Lottery. Each ticket costs $10 at launch, and can be purchased using BNB, BUSD, USDT, or DAI initially on Binance Smart Chain. Bulk discounts of ticket purchases are available on launch:
  • 5 tickets = 5% discount
  • 10 tickets = 10% discount
  • 20 tickets = 20% discount
To buy a ticket, simply select the number of tickets you would like to buy and what BEP-20 token you would like to pay with, then click the "Buy Tickets" button.
You can also Gift a ticket to anyone as long as you have their wallet address. To do so, simply click the "Gift Tickets" Button. Enter the address of your recipient on the popup and click "Gift" to send them.
Once you have bought some tickets, the ticket recipient will receive a DELO airdrop to their wallet. Every time a user buys a ticket, the recipient will receive 10% of their purchase back as DELO at the market rate at the time of purchasing. This is considered a small hedge to ensure everyone is a winner.
DELO can be held to earn passively from every transaction of the DELO token (frictionless yield), or can now be staked for higher potential earnings.
Every ticket purchase is used to buy DELO, adding buying pressure to the DELO token.