There can be multiple winners of the lotto jackpot. The 1st winner receives 50% of the total pot. The 2nd winner receives 25%, the 3rd receives 12.5% and so on until the jackpot is less than the price of 1 ticket (the minimum win amount). This ensures that every ticket has a higher chance of winning something.
Once the lottery deadline has passed, anyone can end the draw (decentralised), triggering Chainlink VRF to randomly generate a number which the Decentra-Lotto contract uses to draw the winners.
If you have won the lottery, you now have a choice to either hold your DELO to earn passively via frictionless yield, stake your DELO to earn a % of every ticket sale, or sell your DELO if you choose not to earn additional rewards.
About Chainlink
Chainlink VRF was chosen to generate the randomness for Decentra-Lotto as the industry standard for oracalised random number generation.
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