Everything you need to know about the ETH lottery...

How to Participate

The DELO lotto on Ethereum is very simple to maximise GAS savings for holders and lotto participants.
To participate in the DELO lottery on Ethereum, simply buy (or bridge from the BSC chain) and hold a minimum of 0.05% of the supply - 41,000,000 DELO.

How it Works

Every transaction of the DELO token takes a % tax which it converts to Ethereum. Once enough Ethereum has been acquired by the contract, a draw will take place.
When a draw starts, the DELO token contract will use Chainlink to generate a verifiably fair random number. This random number is then used to pick a random holder (who holds the minimum required amount of DELO) and pay out the lottery jackpot to them straight away!

Have I Won?

To see the Ethereum lottery stats and to check if you've won, simply go here: