How it Works

Sustainable, Deflationary Rewards System

50% of every jackpot is paid out to stakers as well as every time someone unstakes or buys a lottery ticket. Every time this happens, it is considered a "Round". You can see the current round in the dApp and watch as it increases in real-time as stakeholders are rewarded.
Staking in Decentra-lotto is done a little bit differently. Whereas many staking platforms implement an inflationary rewards system AKA minting, Decentra-lotto implements a deflationary or no-minting staking rewards system.
What this means is that there can never be new tokens minted ensuring the DELO token value rises in price instead of falling, resulting a sustainable rewards model. This is the reason why the APR cannot be calculated - it is variable as it is fully dependant on ticket sales & unstaking fees instead of minting at a predetermined rate.
This has the added effect of encouraging stakers to promote lottery ticket sales, as that is the main source for staking rewards.