How to Stake

There is no entrance fee to stake, and a nominal 2% withdrawal fee which is distributed amongst other stakers as staking rewards.
Staking on the Decentra-lotto platform allows holders to decide how best they would like to earn while holding. Users may hold and gain a portion of the 2% transaction fee into their wallets, or users may stake to gain a portion of the 20% ticket sale fee that is distributed to stakers.
Users can stake a portion of their holdings also and decide for themselves which is most lucrative.


Staking is very easy to do, and extremely secure. Just navigate to this page and connect to begin.
First, you need to approve the amount you wish to stake. The contract will not approve any more than the exact amount you enter as a security mechanism.
There is no fee to stake, and you will not be charged any transaction fee to stake your tokens.
Once approved, simply click the stake button for the amount you previously approved. Accept the transaction in your wallet and that's it.


To withdraw, just click the switch on the above screen to view the withdraw panel (below). Choose the amount to withdraw and click the "Withdraw" button. Accept the transaction in your wallet and you are done.
There is a 2% fee to withdraw your stake. This 2% will be distributed to other stakers as rewards.